The Streetplus Difference

Our experience during the transition period has been remarkable. The Streetplus executive management team of David Goldberg, Patrick DeSimone and Steve Hillard were in constant contact preparing for the “go live” date and even were on site that day personally delivering the initial program supplies...
— Charles R. Broad, MBA, Executive Director

What makes Streetplus a top provider of clean, safe and friendly services to the improvement district industry?

Hiring Practices

Only 2% of the total number of applicants applying for employment with Streetplus are hired!

Not everyone has the required skills and personality to be an ambassador with Streetplus. Our hiring standards and processes make it extremely difficult to be selected as a member of our team. Improvement districts invest between 50-70% of their total annual budget on clean, safe and friendly programs. At Streetplus, we understand the importance of this investment and we’re committed to getting the best return possible for you by selecting high quality individuals to serve as your downtown ambassadors.

Training Programs

Our training programs are customized for each improvement district, focusing on your downtown.

After we’ve selected the best of the best, it’s time to give them the necessary information to perform at a high level. Our industry leading training programs are structured to give ambassadors the best possible opportunity to be successful on the streets in your downtown. Are you concerned about the increase in panhandling? Are you seeing more homeless persons in need of services on your streets? Is graffiti a problem that you haven’t solved? Does your downtown have an active nightlife? Our training programs address all of these issues and more. We’re created special training program elements that are only available through Streetplus.

To whomever this may concern , I am a resident in south park district and over saw two of your (Officers (Jesus & Leon) that had a young teenager, providing care and saftey for this child. They provided excellent service by waiting with him until child services arrived to find this kid a home. This situation was close to home , and I am extremely happy we have officers like them on the field providing great service to our community . They always handle situations very professionally and that plays a huge factor in saftey . Thank you very much making my community a better place to live in.

Customer Service

Is the past an indicator of future performance?  At Streetplus we believe it is!  Our first customer was in 1991 and we still provide services to that customer today (twenty-five years later).

Yes, Streetplus has provided services for the Steinway Astoria Partnership for twenty-five consecutive years and we’re proud of this accomplishment.  We take customer service to the next level and we’re committed to making sure our customers are pleased with our services, just ask our customers!  Our owners are committed to providing the best outcomes for our customers and they’re engaged with each and every customer.  You can reach them on most days and they’re involved in the day-to-day operations and delivery of services.  At the end of the day, we want our customers smiling and happy with the services we provide.

Technology and Green Friendly

Committed to doing our part by reducing the Carbon Footprint.

As an industry leader in clean, safe and friendly services, we have a responsibility to be at the forefront of green cleaning and green friendly equipment.  To that end, we are committed to deploying equipment and purchasing products that are green friendly.  We purchase and use cleaning products that have received the “Green Seal”, which is the mark of environmental responsibility.  These products are certified to be safe to the environment.  We also use products containing the highest percentage of post-consumer recovered material and the highest percentage of total recovered material available in the marketplace.

Cutting-edge and productivity enhancing technology deployed every day!

Statview, a product only available through Streetplus, is a cutting-edge, productivity enhancing software solution structured to improve tracking, provide accountability of downtown ambassador programs, and manage downtown fixed assets.  Statview solves common problems for improvement districts that need to effectively manage clean, safe and friendly street operations and manage fixed assets.  Statview will:

  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Generate and Track Work Orders
  • Capture Service Volumes
  • Create “board Ready” reports
  • Dispatch and Track Street Ambassadors
  • Manage Fixed Assets

Approaches and Strategic Relationships

[Award Ceremony] Streetplus is the only privately owned and operated company providing clean, safe and friendly services to the improvement district industry. We’ve been doing this for over twenty-four years.

In several cities, our Ambassadors are issued police department two-way radios that allow for direct and immediate communication with law enforcement and 911 Dispatchers. We also share work areas and office space with local law enforcement. Social service agencies are a part of our recruitment, selection and training of Ambassadors that are conducting social service outreach and engaging homeless persons and panhandlers.

Streetplus is committed to developing, managing and maintain our strategic partnerships with local city departments and other agencies and organizations that play a vital role in managing the environment.