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This is a bit strange, I know, but when I was in the shopping center earlier today (around 10:30AM), I noticed that the gentleman sweeping and cleaning the parking area and to the Van Nuys Blvd. part of the street was working very hard and very earnestly. He was wearing a shirt with the shopping village logo. These days it's not so common to see people working hard when no one is looking-so I figured he deserved a shout out and some recognition.


Ambassador Ramiro Mejia-Perez

Ambassador Ramiro Mejia-Perez


Thank you so very much for your compliment! We try so hard to keep the Village clean and maintained and we have been so happy with this terrific crew of dayporters and it means alot to get positive reinforcement from a visitor to the Village. I will pass along your compliment and you will make a number of people happy today.

All the Best.
Leslie Elkan, President, Village at Sherman Oaks BID