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I come from San Jose to the Civic Center area at least once a week. I park in the Civic Center Garage. I've been doing this for about 6 years. At times during these years, parking and walking around the the Civic Center area, specifically the lawns in front of City Hall, was scary, filthy, dangerous, and disturbing. There were several times that I felt threatened, and the only times in my life that I witnessed crimes being committed were in that area. It was an embarrassment to the city.

This past weekend I was In the area again, and Instead of rushing through to get to my destination, I stopped and appreciated the new playground areas, the lights strung between the trees, and sculpture art in the middle of the park. and the recently added restaurant. It’s beautiful. And it's a nlght-and-day difference from what the area used to contain. Most Importantly though, the area is staffed with security guards and employees, making sure that there Is no criminal behavior and loitering around the playgrounds and parking garage entrance. This has made a huge difference to the safety and security of the area, and Invites one to actually appreciate the amenities in the perk rather than trying to just get through as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for cleaning up the areal!

Travls Wise
San Jose, California