Streetplus Selected by Arts District LA Business Improvement District to Provide Safety Ambassador Services

BROOKLYN, NY (February 5, 2015) – Streetplus, a premier provider of customized solutions for improvement districts, was selected last summer by the Arts District Los Angeles Business Improvement District in downtown Los Angeles, CA to provide safety ambassador services for the district.

Since June 1, 2014, Streetplus has provided safety patrols throughout the Arts District. These officers provide a uniformed, unarmed presence of “goodwill ambassadors” on the streets in the Arts District, serving as the “eyes and ears” of the police, offering a helping hand, giving directions and generally enhancing the public’s experience and perception of safety while in the Arts District. The Safety Ambassadors act as security for the Arts District as well as “walking concierges” providing information about the ArtsDistrict. The Safety Ambassadors are a walking, bicycle, segway and vehicle patrol unit, operating seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The Safety Ambassadors work with Arts District businesses, residents, the Police and Fire Departments and social service agencies to mitigate problems with panhandling, drug dealing, public intoxication, or any other criminal or anti social behavior.

Aaron Aulenta, Interim Managing Director, interviewed multiple local and national firms who specialize in providing contracted services to the improvement district industry. Said Aulenta, “Streetplus has a stellar reputation in Downtown LA and throughout the BID industry. The Streetplus system for training and deploying ambassadors was huge and their electronic work order and statistical reports was a big plus in choosing them.”

The Arts District, spread over about 55 blocks east of Little Tokyo and west of the Los Angeles River, has grown into a thriving mecca for young professionals in creative industries, including L.A.’s huge TV and film industry. The communities are beginning to see new investment, and it stands to reason that activity will pick up there quickly, particularly on the residential front. This activity means more people, more businesses, more jobs and more nightlife.

“All of us at Streetplus are very excited about partnering with the Arts District LA Business Improvement District,” said Steve Hillard, President and Principal, Streetplus. Our primary role is to patrol the streets, engage pedestrians, offer assistance and interact with those committing quality of life infractions. The Arts District has seen a significant decrease in crime since our safety ambassadors started patrolling.”

ADLA’s Aaron Aulenta adds, “Streetplus had direct BID experience, which is unique in the Security industry.”

Arts District Los Angeles
The Arts District Los Angeles is a non-profit business improvement district (BID) where area property owners assess themselves additional fees to pay for maintenance and security services above those provided by the city. The organization operates a clean team to remove trash and graffiti and a safety ambassador crew to help deter crime. The collective power of bringing together all businesses, non-profit institutions, and service organizations has helped the district work very effectively with community and local government organizations. Learn more at